Wall sculpture "Let’s Dance", steel
Wall sculpture "Let’s Dance", steel

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steel | handmade and -painted | size 117 x 58 x 2 cm (h/w/d) | weight 3.9 kg

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Wall sculpture "Let’s Dance", steel
Wall sculpture "Let’s Dance", steel

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Wall sculpture "Let’s Dance", steel

The wall sculptures show only the silhouettes of the motifs. The surfaces of the wall objects show no further details of the motif but are covered with abstract, colourful and seemingly random patterns of acrylic paint. The contrast between the defined, figurative silhouette and the surreal sea of colours creates a unique and exciting aesthetic.

The elaborate production process always begins with sketches drawn by hand. Based on these, the outlines of the motif are cut out of the metal with a laser. This blank is primed and then painted with acrylic paint. Finally, the paint is smudged with a leather cloth and the surface is briefly heated with a flame to create small bumps and bubbles. Due to such processing steps, the result is always unpredictable and each object becomes a unique piece with a unique shape and colour structure.

Wall object made of steel. Thirty-six figures, laser-cut and hand-painted, are assembled into a rhythmic work of art. The expressive colouring underlines the dynamic movements of the dancing figures. Size 117 x 58 x 2 cm (h/w/d). Weight 3.9 kg.

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