Eric Perathoner:
Mural relief "Touches" (Original / Unique piece), wood
Eric Perathoner:
Mural relief "Touches" (Original / Unique piece), wood

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unique piece | signed | wood | larch needles | size 55 x 83 cm (h/w) | weight 3 kg

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Mural relief "Touches" (Original / Unique piece), wood
Eric Perathoner: Mural relief "Touches" (Original / Uniqu...

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Mural relief "Touches" (Original / Unique piece), wood

Touching hands that appear out of nowhere in Perathoner's mural relief are an expression of loving care and an inner longing for security.

Sculpture made of Swiss stone pine covered with larch needles. Signed. Size 55 x 83 cm (h/w). Weight 3 kg.

Portrait of the artist Eric Perathoner

About Eric Perathoner

The figures of the artist Perathoner, who lives in South Tyrol, are stylised sculptures whose reduced form emphasises the inner perspective. Touch is a meaningful and recurring theme in his works which he expresses with the symbol of hands. They represent the connection of souls and the longing to experience support and security. Sometimes they are visible and in the centre of attention. Other times, they are hidden and only suggested. Touching hands that seem to reach out towards you, resting on your body or lying on your chest – no matter how they are always gestures of attentiveness.

His choice of materials demonstrates his close connection to nature. Figures made of wood, wrapped in a protective blanket of larch needles, seem close to the earth. At the same time, his bandaged figures refer to vulnerability and wounds that need attention and care.