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Special toys not only make the hearts of children beat faster but also inspire adults. In our museum shop, you will discover extraordinary designer toys that will delight young and old alike.

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Designer Toys

Designer Toys - Special Toys for Children

Even in the Stone Age, children amused themselves with various types of toys. Back then, the toys were still handmade and rather crudely made from natural materials such as bone, wood, or stone. Today, there is a much broader range of materials to choose from. And children also benefit from greater variety in terms of design, play mechanisms and choice of colours. Nevertheless, many classic toys have not lost any of their fascination: Among high-quality children's toys, dolls, cars, and the like remain the favourites. In our museum shop, you will discover exceptional designer toys for children that deliberately stand out from the crowd. Ride-on cars, model cars to board games - a constantly growing selection of special children's toys is available.

Pure Nostalgia - High-Quality Toys for Adults

It's not just children who love special toys - many adults can't resist the fascination of play either. While high-quality toy cars and the like are used more as collector's items than for play, an increasing number of adults are also rewarding themselves with a designer toy from time to time. Behind this passion for collecting often lies nostalgic childhood memories: Being able to hold the high-quality children's toys from past times in their hands once again or admire them in a display case connects many adults with their inner child and allows a wistful glance into a bygone era.

There are also many adults who use designer toys for their intended purpose: Especially board games, such as chess, are actively played in special editions as high-quality toys.

Quality Meets Design - Special Toys to Keep and Give as Gifts

Whether high-quality toys for toddlers or designer toys for adults - brands such as Philippi or Baghera stand for quality that you can see and feel. Attention to detail, high-quality craftmanship and functioning play mechanisms make these toys a highlight in every (children's) playroom. Among the little ones, ride-on cars and aeroplanes are particularly popular. Here, even the youngest kids can really put the pedal to the metal and race around the playroom like little race car drivers.

For older children, designer toys such as model cars are particularly popular. And not only for personal enjoyment but also as a gift idea. Because designer toys, such as models of famous racing cars make childhood dreams come true for many adults. Order high-quality designer toys from us for children and the young at heart who have preserved their childhood deep in their hearts.