Sacred Art

The connection between art and religion has existed for thousands of years and is known in all cultures around the world. Consequently, sacred art can still be found in churches and places of worship worldwide. In Germany, Christian sacred art is particularly in focus. At ars mundi, you can discover classical works of sacred art as elaborate reproductions for your home.

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Sacred Art

Sacred Art in Christianity - From the Beginnings to the Present Day

Art has always been strongly connected with Christianity. The ars sacra (sacred art) initially had two main tasks: To bear witness to biblical history and to address and admonish the viewer directly through its religious content. The tradition lasted for many centuries and was (partly) abandoned only when Western sacred art increasingly turned to aesthetics and less to the pure representation of religion. In the Eastern movements, however, classical icon painting with its depictions of saints persisted. Regardless of tradition, religious art always focused on three motifs or motif cycles: depictions of the figure of Mary, the crucifixion of Christ and the saints.

Religious Painting by Famous Artists - From da Vinci to Rembrandt

Religious art or religious painting has inspired and produced many artists. However, some other artists remain anonymous. This is especially true of several creators of famous pictorial icons. But this is not the case with the sacred art of the great masters: Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaelo Santi or Rembrandt - they all immortalised themselves in religious paintings and created some of the most unforgettable masterpieces. Many of these, such as the "Sistine Madonna" or the "Madonna in the Grotto", can be purchased as high-quality, limited-edition reproductions from us.

Sacred Art Full of Icons - Unforgettable Works of Art History

Richly detailed, magnificent icons that are decorated with gold and uniquely designed - these are symbols of the sacred art of the last centuries. Tradition played a crucial role in icon painting: Religious paintings were made in small-scale work, using different materials and layers. Wood was often used as the image carrier, which was first primed and then covered with fabric. Later, the actual painting was done, following the guidelines set by so-called icon painting books. However, this often rather technical procedure is one of the reasons why many of these intangible treasures of sacred art have survived to this day.

Buy Elaborate Reproductions of Sacred Art at ars mundi

At ars mundi, you can order image icons as elaborate reproductions - individually or often in sets. Depending on which icon of sacred art you choose, these are handcrafted works that have been modelled on the prominent examples from famous houses of worship of this world. While the originals, which are of inestimable value, can be found, for example, in the Stavronikita Monastery, the Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, or the Monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin on Mount Parnes in Greece, you can bring the intricately reproduced sacred art from our collection, some even equipped with a seal, into your own living space.