Alu-Dibond is a composite panel made of aluminium and polyethene and is used in the art sector as an image carrier for the reproduction of paintings. The silver matt panels are excellently suited for picture printing. Alu-Dibond is also considered to be particularly durable and resistant.

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Alu-Dibond – From Construction Material to Art Print

Alu-Dibond is a modern image carrier used in the art sector for the reproduction of paintings, which is also very popular among artists. Wall pictures on Alu-Dibond are special and differ strikingly from art prints on canvas or paper. Alu-Dibond is a composite panel made of aluminium and polythene that is mainly used for signage, exhibitions, shop fitting or trade fair construction. The special image quality that can be achieved on Alu-Dibond made the material interesting for reproductions and art prints. The composite panels were first introduced to the market in 1992.

Alu-Dibond Pictures – Material Characteristics and Printing Techniques

Alu-Dibond is a composite panel with an inner part made of polythene and a front and back made of thin aluminium plates. This material is characterised by high stability, great flatness, and low weight. In addition, Alu-Dibond panels can be printed in almost any size. There are two main methods for producing Alu-Dibond pictures. The motifs can be transferred directly onto the aluminium surface using colour pigments. The metal and the colour combine to create a synthesis, resulting in a unique visual impression. These types of Alu-Dibond artwork are entirely free of reflections and exhibit particularly high colour saturation. The prints have a particularly noble effect, with a finish that resembles brushed aluminium. All Dibond composite panels are suitable for both digital printing and screenprinting. In addition to direct printing, Alu-Dibond panels can also serve as pure image carriers. In the so-called lamination process, a previously made printout on photographic paper is mounted on a suitably cut plate. An additional UV protective layer contributes to the lasting brilliance of the colours.

Buy Art on Alu-Dibond at ars mundi

At ars mundi, we also believe in the great advantages of Alu-Dibond and its unique appearance. We offer you numerous reproductions on the aluminium plate behind acrylic glass. You can buy Alu-Dibond pictures with motifs from different epochs. Thanks to modern technology, many classic motifs from art history shine in new splendour, for example, Wassily Kandinsky's "Yellow - Red - Blue", Alexej von Jawlensky's "Abstract Head", Gustav Klimt's "Malcesine by Lake Garda", Claude Monet's "Water Lilies" or Paul Klee's "Highway and Byways". But contemporary artists also present their works on Alu-Dibond, for example, Robert Hettich ("Light Salon"), Anja Struck ("Summer Warmth"), Christine Müller ("Homage à Debussy 2018"), Wolf Bertram Becker ("Elbphilharmonie") or Christin Lutze ("Approach"). Whether a classic motif or contemporary painting – with a mural on Alu-Dibond you always bring a stylish design object into your home.