Picture "La lettera Q", unframed
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Picture "La lettera Q", unframed
Picture "La lettera Q", unframed

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limited, 5,000 copies | numbered | signed | photolithography | unframed | size approx. 29.8 x 23.5 cm (h/w)

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Picture "La lettera Q", unframed
César: Picture "La lettera Q", unframed

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Picture "La lettera Q", unframed

The graphic works of the Frenchman, who became famous for his sculptural works, are characterised by their compact design. As in his "Compressions" (Tate Gallery, London), César depicts in this masterly sheet, which circumscribes the letter Q of our alphabet, objects that have been discarded by 20th-century industrial society as no longer fit for use.
The small Fiat car disintegrated into its parts, has been compressed into a dense bundle of material. The whole thing hangs, as it were, on the big Q, which attracts the metals like a giant magnet.

Photolithography in eight colours, signed by the artist and numbered on the back. Limited edition of 5,000 copies. Unframed. Sheet size approx. 29.8 x 23.5 cm (h/w).

About César


César Baldaccini (born 1921, Marseille 1921 – died 1998, Paris) was, together with Arman, the most important representative of "Nouveau Réalisme". Starting in 1949, César welded metal sculptures from prefabricated components and exhibited "compressions" (compacted automobiles) from 1960. This was followed in 1966 with casts of body shapes and his "expansions" which were made of expandable polyurethane foam.