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Almost no other artistic epoch has changed the visual arts as fundamentally and lastingly as abstract art. Previously the art focus had always been on the depiction of the representational but abstract art blurred the boundaries of perceptible reality and redefined artistic freedom in a completely new way. Discover the world of abstract pictures at ars mundi and order works by great and up-and-coming artists.

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Abstract Pictures

Abstract Art - The Discovery of a New Artistic Freedom

Before abstract art became established - painting was always aimed at depicting reality, whether in Classicism, Romanticism, or Impressionism. While the integration of idealisations or fantastic elements was permitted, ultimately, the depicted subject matter should always at least aspire to represent reality. However, at the beginning of the 20th century, several artists entered the international art scene who radically changed this approach: Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian and Robert Delaunay developed a new perspective on painting and the use of materials, colours, and forms. They created the first abstract pictures, starting a revolution in the international art world that turned everything that had been valid until then upside down.

Transcending the Boundaries of the Reality With Abstract Pictures

The difference between abstract art and traditional painting is evident: While Idealism, Baroque and the like strive to capture reality as faithfully as possible on paper or canvas, abstract painting breaks away from these conventions. It separates colours, forms and materials from their actual function and allows them to intersect beyond all classical regularities. As a result, abstract paintings provide a much more emotional, intimate view of the painter's perspective: They offer a glimpse into the inner spheres of the creative mind and invite a variety of interpretations. What effect does abstract art have? In abstract art, the viewer can discover entirely new worlds, embark on an emotional journey, and open their minds to something that would have remained hidden forever without the artist's unique perspective.

Abstract Art: Pictures That Move Individuals

Just as diverse and unique as the non-representational motifs of abstract art are, the artists employ a variety of expressive techniques. In addition to painting with oil and acrylic on canvas, abstract art often incorporates collages and innovative photographic techniques. Just as with the reinterpretation of colours, forms, and materials, everything is ultimately permitted in terms of media and styles.

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Abstract painting has revolutionised the art world, opening it up to a view of the hidden beyond perceptible reality. Join us on a journey into a world where the laws of reality no longer apply. At ars mundi, you can buy abstract pictures by numerous established artists and up-and-coming artists. Discover reproductions of famous works by Gerhard Richter, Joan Miró and Paul Klee or immerse yourself in the magical worlds of colour and form by Carmen Lütkehaus, Nicole Leidenfrost or Isa Dahl.